Jun. 14th, 2017

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What I’ve Just Finished Reading

Fair Winds and Homeward Sail: Sophy Croft’s Story, which continued just as delightful as it began. It falters slightly near the end, simply because this is the part where it begins to overlap with Austen’s novel which means that we-the-readers already know what happens, and how it happens - but nonetheless it’s a quite satisfying read overall.

What I’m Reading Now

Scott O’Dell’s Sarah Bishop, a historical fiction novel about a Loyalist girl in the Revolutionary War. This is the first Scott O’Dell novel I’ve actually enjoyed - perhaps I’ve finally grown into him? (He is supposedly an author for children. I did not like Island of the Blue Dolphins at all as a child. Here’s this title promising dolphins and instead there are hardly any dolphins at all.)

And at last I’ve begun Angela Thirkell’s The Brandons! Which is most charming. I foresee a long and only intermittently fruitful search for her work in the future.

What I Plan to Read Next

Two Are Better Than One by Carol Ryrie Brink (of Caddie Woodlawn fame), which is evidently about FRIENDSHIP. I have been eyeing it thoughtfully for a while and then someone mentioned they intended to nominate it for fic_corner so it seemed that now is the time.


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