Apr. 10th, 2017

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This week's Caldecott book is The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, which is about a girl who, well, she loves horses. She loves watching over her tribe's horses; and one day, when a thunderstorm frightens the horses, the girl is caught up in the stampede and they all run away together until they come to a herd of wild horses - led by a noble and valiant stallion - which takes them in.

I have clearly spent way too much time in the general vicinity of shifter romances, because I can't shake the reading that the girl is a horse shifter who has at last found her horse mate in the noble stallion. He's unwilling to let her go when her own people come for her - and in fact she doesn't seem too thrilled at the idea of going back with them either: they only catch her when she falls off her horse. Clearly not running to them with open arms.

And then later the girl disappears entirely, and a new beautiful mare shows up in the herd. Clearly she's finally mastered the art of turning into a horse for good!


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