Apr. 4th, 2017

Whither LJ?

Apr. 4th, 2017 09:54 pm
osprey_archer: (kitty)
I'm feeling pretty salty about the latest LJ TOS debacle - the fact that it's so sudden and so in-your-face (it's impossible to do anything with LJ without signing the damn thing immediately) makes it seem shady to me, although current events are so stressful in general this year that "SOUNDS SHADY" is my default response to just about everything right now so I may be overreacting.

Either way I still don't want to sign the darn thing. Fortunately I imported my journal here in January & have crossposted since, so I only stand to lose a couple months of comments (including all the comments on the How to Be a Better Dictator posts, dammit). And perhaps I'll decide to sign it later on; it will presumably still be there.

It sucks, though, LJ has been my online home for so long. Dreamwidth has most of the things I like about it - even most of the people from my flist! There are only a couple who are still LJ-only, and I know one of them has a Tumblr so leaving LJ wouldn't mean losing touch with her entirely...

But it's still not pleasant to feel that one has become unwelcome in one's online home.


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