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Eeeee the Yuletide tagset is open! I AM EXCITE. Must rush off to admire all the fandoms!
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I often find new movies to watch by trawling through Yuletide letters. I loved this letter so much that I have been checking Netflix for Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adele Blanc-Sec for the past three years, and at last! At last my patience has paid off! Netflix has the movie, and I can enjoy the pterodactyl and the booby-trapped tomb and Adele’s ridiculous hats! (Seriously, you should go over to that entry just to enjoy the photos of Adele’s ridiculous hats.

Sadly, the movie is not quite good enough to love up to three years of hope and expectation. But then, not many things can, and it is a good entry in the genre of “goofy action movies about archaeology.” (Is that a genre? I don’t think Indiana Jones movies are meant to be goofy…)

The letter is surprisingly appropriate for this entry: it also includes a review of The Philadelphia Story. I recently watched the 1950s, remake, High Society. If I had realized it was a remake, that fact would have struck me as a danger sign. Trying to remake The Philadelphia Story, one of the more perfect movies in existence? And adding songs, forsooth!

I like songs as much as the next person, but these don’t really add anything to the movie. And they certainly don’t make up for the fact that the remakers clearly felt that The Philadelphia Story was way too understated and ambiguous about things. All the things that might be romantic must be clearly stated to be romantic! When Tracy and Macauley go for a drunken swim, is swimming all that happens? Or is there...something more? SOMETHING MORE, according to High Society. They totally made out and exchanged sweet nothings by the pool!

(However, High Society cut the scene where Tracy offered to let Macauley live in her extra house so he could write his novel instead churning out terrible newspaper stories. Why did they cut that? It was the best. Possibly they realized that if they made Tracy and Macauley’s budding friendship explicitly romantic, having Tracy stick him in her extra house sounds kind of like he’s going to be her kept man.)

I am at a loss why, having decided that there is something between Tracy & Macauley, the makers of High Society decided that Macauley’s relationship with his photographer partner Liz Imbrie also ought to be romantic. The very morning after Macauley made out with Tracy by the pool, he’s plighting his troth to Liz!

Having made all these changes, they nonetheless kept the most irritating subplot in The Philadelphia Story: Tracy’s father is cheating on her mother, and he tells Tracy that it’s all Tracy’s fault, because if Tracy wasn’t so judgmental and appreciated him more, then clearly he wouldn’t need to find other young women to appreciate him!

Doesn’t that seem creepy and incestuous to anyone else? And also like a total abrogation of his own responsibility for his own actions? If I were going to remake The Philadelphia Story, I would chuck that subplot so fast that it would make a sonic boom as it went.


The letter also reviews New Waterford Girl, which I watched and reviewed in a more timely fashion than Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adele Blanc-Sec. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to give it another mention, because it’s pretty awesome.
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The Yuletide reveals are upon us! I wrote six treats this year, partly in penance because I defaulted on my story. I just need to not offer to write things for movies or TV fandoms, because it generally doesn’t work out very well.

Nymphs and Bacchantes, Charlotte Bronte’s Villette, Lucy/Ginevra, R.

After a costume ball where she feels her charms have been underappreciated, Ginevra comes to Lucy’s room in search of commiseration and/or appreciation.

“An officer,” she said. “Handsome as an angel, with hair as blonde as my own and hands almost as fine, and his legs - ! Ah, do not frown, Diogenes; he was dressed as Apollo, I could not help but see. I missed a dance because of him: I put myself in his way, but he did not take his chance, and so I had to sit at the side like a wallflower. And he took no notice of anything I said to him. Me! And I barely eighteen: am I losing my charms already?”

Her heart was not injured: only her vanity. “He sounds a sensible man,” I told her. “Be sensible too, and go back to your bed so I can go back to mine.”

I love all my Yuletide fics, but this one is my secret favorite. I should probably print out the recipient’s comment and frame it in gold.

Chrysalis, Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn Chronicles (set near the end of Farseekers, Elspeth/Rushton, G.

“Rushton would not let us clear out your room,” Ceirwan had told me, looking at me with such a speculative light in my eyes that I had clamped fiercely on my thoughts. But although I could keep my thoughts from drifting loose for a farseeker to pick up, I could not keep myself from remembering Rushton’s voice when I first saw him after my return: Ah, Elspeth, love.

Ah, Elspeth and Rushton, the pairing of my fannish little heart during my teenage years! I still love them in all their uncommunicative glory. This is a missing scene inserted near the end of Farseekers, right before the Moonfair, to explore Elspeth’s feelings a bit more.

Just Deserts, Madeleine L’Engle’s And Both Were Young, Erna & Jackie, G.

And Both Were Young is one of L’Engle’s early works, set at an international boarding school in Switzerland not long after World War II. The book touches very gently on the experience of German girls at the school; the recip mentioned she wanted a bit more exploration of that, so that is mostly what this is. With bonus friendship and cookies!

Three Christmases with the Halladays, Frances Ha, kind of sort of Frances/Sophie, PG for language.

”I just, I, uh, I kind of thought we were dating,” Frances said.
Sophie stared at her. Frances picked at a pimple on her chin. “Because of that time at the party?” Frances said. “When you wouldn’t kiss me.”
“You thought we were dating because I
wouldn’t kiss you.”

I watched Frances Ha only a couple of days before Christmas, but I liked it so much that I pounded out this story right away. I tried to capture the balance, like the movie, between Frances and Sophie’s easy talking - their conversations replicate the weirdness of chats between old friends very well - and their inability to quite communicate the deeply important things, although I’m not sure I succeeded: the visuals, the body language, are very important for that.

No More Sad Songs, Sherwood Smith’s Crown Duel, Elenet, G

I have always, always wanted more about Elenet after the end of Crown Duel. She seems like such a great person, and she gets such a raw deal from life: her father murdered by Galdran, her mother fleeing back to her home country and leaving Elenet behind, the man she loves in love with someone else.

This is my attempt to give her a road forward, without taking the easy route of pairing her up with someone. It’s much more introspective than most of my stories, very quiet, very reserved: a reflection, in a sense, of Elenet.

Doppleganger, Brave, G. The prompt for this came as a super-emergency last minute pinch hit, so if it’s a little rough, that’s why.

The prompter suggested a story where Merida meets her Disney princess counterpart. (For those of you who don’t keep up with Disney Princess news, Merida got a slight but telling redesign when they added her to the Disney princess line; you can compare the two here.)

The cracktastic brilliance of this idea tickled my fancy. What would happen if they met? How would this meeting come about in the first place? Will Merida let her sparkly counterpart take her place in DunMoch, while she herself runs off to sack Byzantium? (Hey, [livejournal.com profile] motetus! There’s another Byzantium picture possibility for you! :D)
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I was going to make a longer recs post, but then I realized that I am not going to make it the rest of the archive, so here we go.

First, a drabble. I must confess, under normal circumstances I am kind of prejudiced against drabbles: it's a lot easier to write a bad drabble than a good one. But this A Little Princess drabble actually manages to put an entire story in one hundred words, and it is so very Sara: Beyond Story's End

Second, a Ghost Soup Infidel Blue fic. I must confess, I am also kind of prejudiced against GSIB because obviously Orange is better and you will never convince me otherwise!, because fic for a fandom that doesn't actually have a canon can be, well, not very good.

But when people use Ghost Soup as a way to examine fandom itself, it can be pretty awesome, as with The Very Secret Diaries of Mary_Suep – Ghost Soup BNF (and grade-A cowbag). This is a beautiful satire of some of fandom's worse behavior patterns: Mary_Suep constantly creates drama, but lacks the self-awareness to realize that she's an instigator, not just the innocent victim of other people's unkindness.

I am in awe of how much work the author put into this. She created a Ghost Soup anonmeme, which is a pitch-perfect recreation of anonmeme style!! She wrote Mary_Suep's Yuletide letter, which is truly a masterpiece of an awful Yuletide letter. (I think my favorite part of the letter is this:

Sherlock RPF

I think Benedict Cumberbatch is HOTT. But I’m not so big on RPF, all things being told. So for this fandom, I would love to see Benedict and Martin transformed into their roles as John and Sherlock. Maybe they’re transported aboard the Ghost Soup ship! Or maybe Captain Luke and his crew crash land in 221B! Go crazy. As long as no real people are involved, I know I’ll love it.

And the fic comments are golden, too, because so many of the commenters reply in character as Ghost Soup fans.

And last, an utterly hilarious fic that draws loosely on Ian Mortimer's The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England: Time Traveller's Guide: Important Additional Information.

Therefore, regardless of your feelings that William Pitt the Younger as leader of the Conservative Party might improve the 1980s, or that a 21st Century Lib-Con coalition would be more interesting if headed by Benjamin Disraeli and W E Gladstone, you are required to be nothing more than an observer on your forays back in time. (No one will need reminding of the disaster and near complete destruction of the vortex and the planet itself that followed the attempt to bring Elizabeth I, Henry V, Lloyd George and Winston Churchill together in the 22nd Century.)

It is glorious.
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At last I have finished my first pass through the Yuletide archive! Which will need to be followed by an almost as extensive second pass through the Yuletide archive, because there are a ton of stories this year. Someone wrote a nearly 40,000 word rewrite of the ending of Mansfield Park. I am kind of excited about this.

In the meantime, I come bearing recommendations!

First, and if you read no other Yuletide stories this year: Re-designation, a WALL-E fic, which is about the meaning of identity and names and, most basically, what happens when EVA and WALL-E meet another WALL-E unit.

A depressed perfectionist WALL-E unit, which is slowly sliding into despair as it realizes it may never clean up its city on its own. [Progress toward task completion: NOT ENOUGH. Estimated time to completion: NEVER.] WALL-E-97-567982 summarized.

Fortunately, WALL-E and EVA are there to help. The author has also somehow managed to make their voices perfectly in character, despite the fact that the robots never actually talk in the movie. It's brilliant.

The Not Entirely Accurate Chronicle of John Polidori, Genius Physician and Brilliant Writer, and His Rather Less Distinguished Companions, a fic about the trip that Byron, the Shelleys, and Polidori took to Lake Geneva. It's in a Very Secret Diary format and everything about it is hilarious.

Note to self: Do not ask Byron any questions regarding his conquests.

2:00 pm

Note to self: Must stop assuming the rumors and gossip surrounding Byron are false. Far easier to assume everything is true.

10:00 pm

Far easier to assume that everything is, in fact, more scandalous than rumored.

And, finally, an adorable Sports Night fic: Once More, With Feeling, a hilarious five times story (with perfectly Sorkin-esque dialogue!) about Jeremy's attempts to ask Natalie to marry him. One of them involves trying to teach all his coworkers a dance routine.

Jeremy addressed the room, all still panting from the latest run-through of the routine before Jeremy pulled the plug on the ordeal. "The fact that I don't want to subject my hopefully future-wife to your chicken-like collective spasms does not a chicken of me make."
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Hello, dear Yuletide author! I am fairly easy to please, as I like most things: gen, het, femmeslash, slash, OT3s, ridiculous adventure. Deliciously bittersweet fic is delightful, and so are fluff and rainbows and fun.

- Characters who understand each other, even if they sometimes drive each other up the wall
- Loyalty, especially characters doing stupidly amazing things out of loyalty for each other
- Characters who are passionate about something (aside from just each other) – who love their work, their art, their stamp-collecting, anything
- Hurt/comfort fics
- Friendship
- Witty banter
- Cuddling
- “Five things…” stories
- Epistolary fic

- Non-canonical character death

On to the fandoms! Black Swan, Code Name Verity, Dostana, Queen’s Thief, Sword Song )

Year Five

Sep. 19th, 2013 12:12 am
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YOU GUYS YOU GUYS. I have just realized! This is going to be my fifth year doing Yuletide! I should throw myself a party!

[livejournal.com profile] sineala, who knows me too well: A tea party?

It is true that I throw myself tea parties for almost all occasions. (If I am drinking out of a mug, it is just tea. If there is a teapot involved, then it is a party.)

But for this reason, I’m thinking I should branch out for my Yuletide anniversary. Because it’s Yuletide! I should do something special! Possibly involving traditional Christmas desserts?


...maybe I should just stick to making myself figgy pudding. Apparently some recipes involve setting it on fire at the end! I might burn down my apartment. Perhaps I could make gingerbread. Gingerbread with caramel sauce!

In any case, possibly I should wait until I’ve actually completed my Yuletide story before throwing myself a party. Or at least gotten my assignment. Or at least signed up.
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‘Tis the season for Yuletide nominations! I am SUPER EXCITED, you guys!

I am definitely nominating Code Name Verity, because I need all the CNV fic in the world (despite having gotten an awesome CNV/Ballet Shoes crossover last year, [livejournal.com profile] anomilygrace’s The Surly Bonds of Earth) - the awesomeness of CNV is too great to be contained with just one fic.

And there are so many other Depression/World War II era canons that could be finagled into crossovers! I Capture the Castle, Flygirl (okay, they’re separated by an ocean, but what is an ocean to a pilot!), The Montmaray Journals -

I am hoping someone nominates The Montmaray Journals, but I feel almost greedy hoping for more Montmaray fic. Anyway, I’m waffling between nominating that - or Black Swan - or Crown Duel.

I’m also thinking The Queen’s Thief series, because I am clearly going to keep nominating that for every exchange that it is vaguely eligible for until I get an Attolia/Eugenides/Costis story. Because that would be amazing and also I would love to see Attolia and Gen getting their communication on.

Speaking of OT3s, it is probably time to give up on my quest for a Dostana OT3, because it just seems to be too obscure.

And for my fourth nom, I am thinking: PRE-RAPHAELITES.

But in what form do I wish to nominate the pre-Raphaelites? As much as I love Desperate Romantics (and I do. Desperately), it does leave out some of my favorite pre-Raphaelites - no Christina Rosetti, no Georgie Burne-Jones! So that is clearly out.

So maybe RPF? But I think it’s hard to get RPF stories for historical people for Yuletide; I for one find historical RPF so intimidating that the one time I wrote it I ended up setting it in spaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

I am thinking that the webcomic Pre-Raphernalia, which is sort of like what would happen if Kate Beaton did all pre-Raphaelites, all the time. Everybody who is anyone makes at least a cameo, including Rosetti’s pet wombat Topsy (STORY IDEA: The pre-Raphaelites through the eyes of Topsy the wombat!), but it’s not as intimidating as RPF because the canon is closed.

The only problem is how will I ever decide who to nominate? Georgie Burne-Jones and her friendship with William Morris! Christina Rosetti smashing canvases over pre-Raphaelite heads whenever they say anything sexist! (I’m pretty sure that only happens in the comics. Although it might have been good for Dante Gabrile Rosetti in real life.) Dante Gabriel Rosetti and his general ridiculousness! Topsy the wombat, you guys!!!!!!! How can I winnow it down?

Maybe I’ll just be like “FYI, I love ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE so anyone you want to include would be awesomely awesome” in my optional details that are optional.

On the topic of pre-Raphaelites, I also think fic for Christina Rosetti's poem "Goblin Market" would be pretty awesome, but alas that will have to wait for another year.
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The Yuletide reveal is come upon us! At last, I can share my fics.

The main story

Erlkönigs Tochter, Princess Tutu, Fakir & Ahiru & fairytales. Betaed by [livejournal.com profile] isiscolo and [livejournal.com profile] asakiyume and also one of my RL friends, because I was having vapors about whether it worked.

I got the prompt for this and the beginning and end more or less fell out of my head. (Incidentally, this is the second time I’ve used the same twist end for a Yuletide story, so probably I ought to retire it.) The middle, though, was hell on wheels to write: the bloody story just kept accruing fairytales. But I think it turned out well, in the end - and it makes sense even if you don’t know the original, which is quite an achievement for a Princess Tutu tale!

The treats

Fidelity, Cairo Time, Juliette/Tareq.

One thing I love about Yuletide is that it lets me write for fandoms I would never think of otherwise - and not only would I never have written this, but I wouldn’t have seen the movie at all if I hadn’t read about it in someone’s Yuletide letter. The filmmakers managed to take one of my least favorite themes - infidelity - and make a quiet, lovely movie. I tried to match its tone in this fic.

Dream a Little Dream, Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity, Maddie/Julie.

This is quite a last minute story. It was Christmas Eve, I wanted to write one last Yuletide story, and I had all these feelings about Code Name Verity, and...this happened. The idea for the story had been rattling around in my head since I read the book: near the end Maddie comments that Julie taught her how to foxtrot, and I went “Where is this scene! I WANT THIS SCENE.”

I meant this to be fluffily flufftastic, but multiple people commented that it made them cry, so...apparently that’s as close as CNV gets to fluffy?

The Winebearer, Classical Roman RPF in SPAAAAAAACE, Julius Caesar/Nicomedes of Bithynia. Betaed by [livejournal.com profile] carmarthen.

...I kind of want to write “The Further Adventures of Caesar in SPAAAAACE.” Bad brain! No cookie!

I had a great time writing incredibly arrogant Caesar, even though I wrote myself a corner with it. I got to the part where Caesar is on his knees, went “Crap, there is no way this is not ending porntastically,” glowered at the fic for a while, and then...wrote the porntastic scene.
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Yuletide recs! Yuletide recs! I’ve been going through the archive up from the Zs, because I figure those fics will be slow to get some love.

First, a Yuletide story about – Yuletide! The Bears and the Bees starts out with a delicious description of Yuletide’s imaginary office – of course it has a scuffed wooden floor and a big fireplace and a desk full of cubbyholes! – and continues through the day’s correspondence. The bears wish to register their protest at their continued defamation throughout the Yuletide season. So funny!

Second, You Belong With Her, about Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me,” the song that sounds like Taylor is into the cheerleading captain if you just listen to the chorus. (The music video destroys this interpretation with a vengeance. Oh well.)

HOW DID I MISS THIS WAS A PROMPT? But whatevs, this author did a totally better job than I would have. I love her take on the cheerleading captain: Her eyes communicate quite clearly that she’d happily roast marshmallows on Taylor if she was on fire and yet her mouth is still set into a perfect, practiced smile. She remains absolutely the snotty, stereotypical cheerleading captain from the video, but with anger and fire and attitude.

I love the friendship that grows up between the cheerleading captain and Taylor (the song character, not the singer; the singer would be so meta), and the glimmering hints that it may grow into something more. It makes total sense to me that it will take a while, given the horrible history they have to put behind them.

Another fic about friendship! You Are My Fifth Avenue, a Whip It fic, about Bliss and Pash and best friendship. I love the realness of this fic: the strength of their friendship, and the fact that it isn’t perfect, the way they rag on each other and push each other to be more than they are, the way friendships change when they become long distance.

Fourth, an eerie fic for on Lois Lowry’s The Giver: Lily Remembering, showing the way that Jonas’s community reacts to his disappearance through the lens of his little sister, Lily. In some ways it has a more believable sense of dystopia to it than Lowry’s book, which starts off as an idyll. There’s a sense, here, of Lily straining against the mores of the community: she knows somehow that things are off, but she can’t articulate – she is literally not allowed to articulate – what she’s feeling. The way they simply do not speak of Jonas’s disappearance becomes creepy.

But it’s not a painful fic to read. There’s a sense of fragile hope to it.

And finally, as a lagniappe: a Producers fic, The Retirees: Bialystock and Bloom put on one last show, Brokeback Castro, in their retirement home. It perfectly captures the madcap hilarity of the movie.
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You guys you guys, it is YULETIDE and I got TWO STORIES, both of which are AMAZINGLY AMAZING. Best Yuletide ever!

First, The Surly Bonds of Earth, a Code Name Verity/Ballet Shoes crossover from a TOTALLY MYSTERIOUS PERSON who is a TOTAL MYSTERY to me. Hearts times a thousand! Maddie meets Petrova Fossil when they're both ATA pilots. I love the delicacy of their beginning friendship here.

And also, I got the Ashley/Claudia BSC fic I have yearned for since I was twelve! And it's set in NEW YORK CITY! Escapades Out on the D Train. I love everything about this fic, but especially Ashley: "text-based communication is, after all, the cause of our generation’s emotional disconnect with our peers." Oh Ashley ILU, please never change.

(There's another Ashley/Claudia story, which is technically for someone else, but it's like a story for me: With Gentle Curves and Tender Feelings, which is made of joy and delicious Claudia voice: Temptation, whose name was Ashley Wyeth. And excellent Ashley, as always!)


Also, my parents gave me a copy of Blood Feud, and Taylor Swift's Red (someday I will title a fic after one of her songs. This WILL happen!), and enough chocolate to keep me going for, theoretically, the next three months, although given the rate at which I eat chocolate, probably the next two weeks.

And my brother gave me chocolate covered McVities digestive biscuits! And we are having trifle for dessert! Best Christmas ever!
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Because all the cool kids are doing it - Yuletide retrospective! Pondering my stories in years past! And by pondering I mean mostly crowing about how they're amazing, because apparently I am bad at modesty.

The fics of Christmases past )


So far, I've finished my main story (FINALLY) and one treat, which was actually 75% finished last year - God alone knows why I didn't finish it up and post it then.

Conclusion: I need to get cracking on more treats!

ETA: And they've just posted the prompts for Yuletide! Time to fill ALL THE PROMPTS.


Dec. 17th, 2012 09:49 am
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Yuletide story signed, sealed, and delivered! Thank you both so much to my lovely betas; I am sorry if I rather hassled you, I'm neurotic about deadlines, especially for Yuletide, because I defaulted last year and it was tragically tragic.

This is probably the most betaed story in the history of forever. Not only did [livejournal.com profile] asakiyume and [livejournal.com profile] isiscolo read it, but yesterday evening I realized that one of the people I'm visiting a) reads fanfic and b) knows Canon X, so I made him read it and he confirmed that the story has total "Awwwwww" factor.

I usually write two or three treats, and maybe that will happen, but it's definitely not happening this week. My BSC epic is probably going to have to wait for another year. Poor time management!
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I’ve been on a Christmas movie binge: first White Christmas, lovelier than ever. Betty and Bob are still ridiculous - really, Betty, if you just told someone your suspicions about Bob’s evil schemes, it could have all been cleared up in a heartbeat! Also, if Bob really was an evil schemer, I’m sure Judy would have been more than happy to help you foil him.

Judy = my favorite. I love how she’s so winsomely scheming: she does have an angle, as Bob says, but the movie never punishes her for it. She and Phil are an excellent match (their dance on the deck behind the Flamingo is probably my favorite scene in the movie): who knows what messes they’ll get the four of them into next?

Then I watched Love Actually last night, which did not hold up nearly as well. I’d forgotten (if indeed I noticed the first time I saw it) by being really gratuitously fatphobic all over the place. It’s not just background radiation, it’s positively a theme, so pervasive that it rather spoiled the movie for me.

Aurelia’s sister is a joke because she’s fat; Billy Mack makes fat jokes about his manager constantly, and remarks with horror that it turns out that the person he loves most in the world is a “chubby employee”; and there’s a constant drumbeat about how Natalie, the prime minister’s eventual paramour, is plump.

Natalie is apparently the movie’s attempt to tell us that “Fat people can be loved, too!” I submit that this would be far more heart-warming were Natalie actually overweight, rather than a buxom and well-proportioned young woman.


In other news, would anyone like to beta read my Yuletide fic, a fractured fairy-talish thing in a fandom with which you are likely unfamiliar? *puppy dog eyes* I don't quite have a draft yet, but I'm hoping to change that tomorrow.
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O Wonderful Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I’m really pretty easy to please: I like slash, femmeslash, het, OT3s, gen, wacky hijinks, random geektastic joy...I'm not a big fan of AUs or crossovers, though.

This is Yuletide so I’m not really looking for tragedy and despair, but I do love deliciously bittersweet fic. However, fluff and rainbows and happy endings are fine too!

I'm also fine with holiday stories. Aside from BSC I don't think these fandoms really lend themselves to Christmas stories, but if you want to do some other holiday, that's just lovely. I could totally see Eugenides getting up to hijinks at some Attolian festival, especially if it involves masks.

• Characters who understand each other, even if they sometimes drive each other up the wall
• Characters who are passionate about something (aside from just each other) – who love their work, their art, their stamp-collecting, anything
• Pining, especially if its resolved in the course of the fic
• Friendship
• Loyalty, especially characters doing stupidly amazing things out of loyalty for each other
• Banter
• A sense of place
• Hurt/comfort fics
• Cuddling
• “Five things…” stories

• Character death
• Character bashing

The requests! )
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At the Yuletide nominations post, someone mentioned that they're nominating this music video, so I clicked through, and...I just had to share. "I got haloes made of summer, ribbons made of spring..."

There's an animated section. With a narwhal! A narwhal, you guys!

I have no idea how one would write fic for this, but I approve mightily of its existence.


Also, for my reference, I'm nominating:

Baby-Sitters Club
Claudia Kishi
Ashley Wyeth
Mary Anne Speare
Kristy Thomas

Queen's Thief - Megan Whelan Turner

Marc Antony

No one else seemed to be stepping up to nom either Queen's Thief or Rome, and the idea of a Yuletide without them just seemed past bearing. And I've already told you about my lust for an Ashley/Claudia fic...you know, I started one before last Yuletide, maybe I should dust it off and finish it.


Sep. 8th, 2012 01:26 am
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YOU GUYS I cannot believe that it's already practically time for Yuletide noms! WHERE DID THE TIME GO????

Right now I have two thoughts for nominations:

1. Michelle Cooper's Montmaray Journals, though I feel kind of greedy asking as I got two awesome fics for them last year. But more is always better!

Plus, this gives me another chance to tell you why you all need to read A Brief History of Montmaray and its even more delightful sequel, The FitzOsbornes in Exile! (The third book hasn't come out in the US yet. I WANT THIS BOOK SO MUCH IT BURNS IN MY SOUL.)

Our heroine-narrator is Sophie, a charmingly bookish young women with a voice like Cassandra of I Capture the Castle, who lives in a decrepit castle with her brother and her cousin Veronica (who is made of AMAZING and is a socialist) and her mad uncle the king, on the island of Montmaray in the Bay of Biscay in the 1930s.

This ruling an island gig would be much better for Sophie and co. if they a) had any money, or b) had any inhabitants - but sadly they lost both in the first World War. And if that weren't enough, then the Nazis arrive to do some surveying.

The characters, you guys! (Seriously. VERONICA. But I love them all.) The light but expert hand with period detail! The seamless melding of personal emotion with fraught political peril! These books are brilliant and I urge you all to indulge.

2. The Baby-sitter's Club, so I can finally get the Claudia Kishi/Ashley Wyeth fic that I've wanted since I was, like, twelve. HALF OF MY LIFE, YOU GUYS.

I haven't decided who else to nominate for the other two BSC character slots - so many possibilities, you know?

And I haven't decided what to nominate for my third fandom. If no one else definitely commits to it, I'll probably nominate Megan Whelan Turner's Queen's Thief series, because what is Yuletide without Queen's Thief fic?

But if someone else does commit to that, I'm not sure what to nominate.

Then again, I could always just go with this Russian music video...
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The Yuletide reveal is upon us! I can finally share my fics!

I defaulted on my main story (I'm hoping to pull myself together and write it as an NYR), but I did write three treats, so here they are.

Thirty-Three Kisses and Counting, Macdonald Hall, Bruno/Boots. Well, Bruno/everyone, actually, because he bet Cathy that he could make out with more Macdonald Hall boys than she could, which clearly is his own special Bruno-riffic way of telling Boots he loves him.

I am pretty sure this story is the most ridiculously adorable thing I have ever written, unless that honor goes to the second treat:

Troy and Abed in the Yuletide, Community, Troy/Abed. In which Abed writes Yuletide fic for his own movies and everything is meta like a meta thing. I am so proud of the second-to-last line.

([livejournal.com profile] entwashian, I really cannot believe that you haven't seen this show. It's everything you would love! It's the most meta show ever - seriously, like half the episodes are riffs on some TV show or movie - and half the characters are characters of color, and fandom's favorite character is Abed, who is half-Polish half-Palestinian all-obsessed with pop culture.

The writers are less clued in on gender issues than you might prefer - the female character are all awesome on their own, but the writers don't seem to have any idea how to have them interact with each other - but otherwise it's made of win.)

And finally, Half-Sick of Shadows, a Shadow Unit fic which features Daphne and Hafidha chatting after Hafidha has been imprisoned.

This fic basically grew out of one of my frustrations with Shadow Unit: we hear about how Chaz & Daphne & Hafidha are this great trio of friends, but what we actually see is Chaz and Daphne being great friends, and Chaz and Hafs being great friends, and Daphne and Hafidha never interacting about anything but Chaz, which ARGH.

Admittedly, 90% of everything Shadow Unit is about Chaz, because Chaz is a sucking black hole at the center of the story. But I have Feelings about Shadow Unit and they are long and complicated and probably belong in another post.
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Yuletide recs!

First, a bittersweet Little Princess: Nothing Gold, about Sara Crewe and Becky adjusting to life after Miss Minchin's. Both are much better off now, but it isn't a magic cure; the old days are gone, but can't be erased. The story also highlights Sara's melancholy side, which is always there but generally overshadowed by her imaginative, tough, survivor attitude.

What I particularly like about this story is that it acknowledges the dual nature of imagination. Sara's "supposings" have always buoyed her up, but they can hurt too, if she lets them.

And the ending is just perfect.

Next, a fic for Jane Austen's Emma, Love and Longing, Emma/OFC, which is a perfect pastiche of Austen's voice and also shows Emma realizing that she is totally into girls (without making her and Mr. Knightly's marriage into a mere sham).

Also, Mr. Knightly is the best human being ever on the face of the earth. The End.

And finally, two Hark! A Vagrant fics. This fandom seems to get brilliant fics every Yuletide; I still love the Brontes fic from last year.

The Case of the Fat Goose With a Stone In, Sherlock Holmes & the Watsons, Gen.

This fic is wonderful because it is brilliantly funny - it made me laugh out loud multiple times - but with an undercurrent of pain; the original John Watson has been cast aside for Stupid Watson, and he's irritated and underneath it deeply hurt. I just want to shake Holmes for hurting him like this.

On a light note: Études (the ~*FRANZ LISZT!!!1!*~ featuring F. Chopin remixes), Chopin & Lizst being...Chopin and Liszt. This is hilarious. I'm not sure what else to say about it, but seriously, HILARIOUS.
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You guys, you guys! I got TWO Yuletide stories this year! (Now I feel even extra guiltier about defaulting. D: It was not my fault! I crashed my car!)

And they are both for the Montmaray Journals (and you should all totally read the original Montmaray Journals! They're by Michelle Cooper and they're about the royal family of the fictional island kingdom Montmaray in the Bay of Biscay during the late 1930s, and their narrator is like Cassandra from I Capture the Castle except EVEN MORE AWESOME.)

First, Aftermath in Triptych, which makes me very happy because it has LOTS of Veronica. I love all the FitzOsbornes, but if I had to pick a favorite - if you held a gun to my head - it would be Veronica. (Ugh, but how can I not say Sophie? This is so hard!)

I love how she's so passionate about abstract things, like international law and the League of Nations, and so intelligent and driven and just steamrolls over people when they're wrong. Veronica is so intensely herself, without caring about what other people think, and it's wonderful to watch.

And second Packing, in which Sophie and her little sister Henry (short for Henrietta) discuss packing up for Henry's boarding school. It's funny and sweet and Henry is so very ridiculously Henry.


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