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Aug. 1st, 2017 08:03 am
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As I was on the road for most of July, I only saw two movies: the 2000 Railway Children, about which I already posted (v. charming, highly recommended if you like children’s movies), and LEGO Batman: The Movie.

This second was a mistake - not in the sense that it’s a bad movie, but in that it was not the movie I was attempting to get from Netflix. I wanted The LEGO Batman Movie, because my roommate Julie hasn’t seen it - but I got the other because, well, who knew there were two Lego Batman movies??? Someone in the marketing department should have put a bit more thought into the titles here.

LEGO Batman: The Movie was made in 2013. It is prescient in a “laugh because otherwise you’ll cry” sort of way: Lex Luthor, supervillain billionaire, is running for president. “Too real,” I commented to Julie, as he made his first appearance; but she pointed out that Luthor speaks in complete sentences and has a certain amount of dignity and gravitas so really it’s not topical at all. And, of course, this being a movie, we can rest secure in the knowledge that Batman and Superman will stop Luthor just in the nick of time.

It’s quite a different movie experience than The LEGO Batman Movie. It’s not nearly as funny, but then, it’s not trying to be; it’s a straight-up addition to its source material rather than a lovingly tongue-in-cheek send-up.
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I posted a fic on AO3 before I left for Miami, & then forgot to post a link over here! Although in general I've gotten out of the loop of posting links to my fics here. Must correct this.

Title: Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD/MCU
Pairings: a bit of Bucky/Daisy but not much
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Bucky runs into another super-powered fugitive from justice with a yen for black leather jackets: Skye a.k.a. Daisy Johnson a.k.a. Quake. He figures he's got to have something in common with someone who's got that many names.

This is the last of the fics-for-ACLU donations that have been requested so far, so if you were hoping to get in on that, the deck is cleared! Now is the time! I have raised $465 so far and would really like to make it up to $500. $10 donation minimum! Send me your donation receipt and let the games begin!

I can write for many, many fandoms, including Agents of SHIELD, Captain America, Agent Carter, various American Girl books, various Rosemary Sutcliff books (although if you want one of the more obscure ones, best to check if I've read it), Tortall, many other things for I am a fannish butterfly who flits from flower to flower. Happy to discuss fic specifics with you!
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I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Which is fun and and funny and full of exciting action, although sometimes I think it’s pushing the found family thing just a bit too hard; spoilers )

So yes. A good time! Worth the price of admission! Do recommend.
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For [personal profile] evelyn_b: the MCU. Which is awfully broad! There’s a lot of MCU out there and I have seen quite a bit of it (although I never did finish any of the Netflix shows). But even without them, there are still all those movies, and Agents of SHIELD, and Agent Carter (RIP! I wasn’t as fond of the second season as the first, but I still would have liked a third.)

the character I least understand

Oh, man. I love Skye a lot (have I mentioned that she and I have the exact same birthday? Not just the day but the year. WE ARE SPIRIT TWINS) but I still don’t get her swift switcheroo from “Rising Tide hacktivist” to “loyal SHIELD agent” in season one. It’s just so fast! And so completely devoid of guilt or regret! She meets up with one of her former friends one time, and then Coulson cuts off her computer access and all contact with the outside world (brainwashing 101! I’m just saying!) and she never tries again or worries about betraying them or anything. It’s like she’s forgotten her Rising Tide friends ever existed.

...and we know that SHIELD totally has the tech to make that happen. Fury used it on Coulson to make him forget the process by which they brought him back to life. I’M JUST SAYING.

interactions I enjoyed the most

Peggy Carter and Dottie Underwood’s interactions were all A++ and I will be forever sad that we won’t get to see them team up against a greater threat - not in the “You have to work with us or this exploding necklace will explode” way they worked together in season 2, but genuinely working together to fight, like, aliens.

I also loved Natasha & Steve’s friendship in Winter Soldier. And of course Steve vs. the Winter Soldier on the helicarrier is absolute gold, the fight that launched a thousand ships.

the character who scares me the most

Honestly I find the Hulk pretty terrifying and I don’t think it’s responsible of SHIELD or the Avengers to send him out on missions in anything less than a Chitauri-invasion type situation, because the threat he poses is just too great. Just look what he did in Age of Ultron: he loses control and wrecks great swathes of a city. (With Tony’s help in the Hulkbuster, of course, but that honestly only strengthens my point.)

the character who is mostly like me

Probably none of them; I am just not that badass. Even Darcy is way quicker with quips and cooler under pressure than I would be.

hottest looks character

You realize this is an impossible question in the MCU. There are so many of them and they are all so pretty, it’s completely impossible. Even just going with the movies - even limiting it to just the Cap films - how are you going to choose between Steve and Peggy and Natasha and Winter Soldier Bucky (I think he’s so much more attractive with the long hair and stubble)? You can’t do it! They’re all too gorgeous!

And it just gets worse when you bring Thor and Bobbi Morse and everyone else from every MCU thing into the mix. Too much pretty. Too much. Too much!

one thing I dislike about my fave character

Most of Bucky’s everything in Civil War, honestly. I dislike the fact that the writers went with trigger word brainwashing instead of something closer to real-world brainwashing (I realize that this is a silly complaint about a superhero sci-fi movie but I can’t help it), and the ending where he chooses to go into cryo. I realize he has every reason in the world to give up but I still don’t want him to.

one thing I like about my hated character

I ACTUALLY DO HAVE A MOST HATED MARVEL CHARACTER. I DESPITE DR. HOLDEN RADCLIFFE (the scientist who first shows up in season 3 of Agents of SHIELD) WITH THE FIERY PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS. He is trying to hide the fact that he is evil behind an eccentric yet harmless mad scientist veneer but I am NOT HAVING ANY OF IT ANY MORE, he is just straight up evil and views humans as chess pieces - not even chess pieces! Chess pieces have some individuality! - as checkers, flat little checkers to be moved around the board at his whim.

I will not list all the terrible things he does, because there are simply too many, but the scene that really snapped me is the one where he’s trying to manipulate Fitz by telling Fitz that Fitz is like a son to him - and then it turns out that Radcliffe isn’t even the one talking; he’s sent in a decoy robot to say all this while he scurries away out the back door. FUCK YOU RADCLIFFE.

Um. I’m supposed to be thinking of something I like about him. He’s always got a contingency plan, which is admirable in a way, or at least it would be if each contingency plan wasn’t more evil than the next.

a quote or scene that haunts me

Does “the entirety of Winter Soldier” count? I’m not sure I can narrow it down more than that. Although the helicarrier scene and “I’m with you to the end of the line” and Bucky jumping into the Potomac to fish Steve out and then leaving him on the riverbank - all of that got me in the feels.

Or the bank vault scene where Pierce is trying to explain to the asset about the importance of his world-saving mission and the asset is just “....but I knew him,” like, he doesn’t know what’s going on but he knows Pierce is not answering his question - and then Pierce just has him wiped...

a death that left me indifferent

Pietro. Honestly, I just don’t really believe that he’s dead: his power is literally being faster than bullets and then he dies in a hail of machine gun fire. And it’s so abrupt and weirdly quippy, I can’t take it seriously.

a character I wish died but didn’t

I haven’t finished season 4 of Agents of SHIELD so it is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE that Dr. Radcliffe will, in fact, die by the end. I CAN ONLY HOPE. But as of episode 12 he is still alive and I want him dead, as dead as a doornail.

my ship that never sailed

Still in mourning for the Bobbi/Simmons that never was. They had such a glorious beginning! Bobbi undercover as a Hydra agent! Threatening Simmons and then saving her life! And Simmons getting all giggly and “She’s amazing” about it!

And then nothing. They barely even get a friendship. WHYYYYYYYYY.
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What I’ve Just Finished Reading

I finished Jane Langton’s The Fragile Flag, and aaaaaaaah, I really liked this book, you guys. Young Georgie (also the heroine of Langton’s The Fledgling) finds an old American flag in the attic, which gives people visions if it wraps around them; she decides to march on Washington with it, in hopes of convincing the President not to launch the Peace Missile (for which read Reagan’s Star Wars; the book was published in 1984).

Naturally the march swells to enormous size as it continues on, and George manages to meet the president in the end, etc. etc. Of course it’s escapism, but it’s really nice escapism in the current political climate. And the book is beautifully constructed, too, all the pieces of the plot (it’s more complicated than I’ve made it sound here) all come together like clockwork, and strike like midnight at just the climactic moment.

I also finished Warren Lewis’s The Splendid Century: Life in the France of Louis XIV, which I read because the Inklings book I read recently praised it (Warren Lewis is C. S. Lewis’s brother) and also because I’ve long meant to learn more about France, and indeed it is a pleasant and readable introductory work to seventeenth century France.

And, for the Unread Book Club: I reread William McCleery’s Wolf Story, which in our youth my brother and I liked so much that we importuned our father to read it multiple times. I think he got bored and started making up new twists in the story to amuse himself, although I can’t be sure because the father in the book (who is telling a story to his child in the book) also gets bored with the story he is telling and keeps trying to come up with twists to end it quickly. It’s very meta.

What I’m Reading Now

I’m slogging through Margaret Stohl’s Black Widow: Forever Red, which I am not liking nearly as much as I expected sadly. I think this is partly the fault of my own expectations - I thought this would be about Natasha’s childhood or at least give us large lumps of backstory, perhaps flashbacks!, but it really does not. But it’s also not very strongly written.

Really not feeling this one. Maybe I’ll just give it up.

I’m also working on Gary Paulsen’s The Island, which is an oddly poetic book - I mean, not odd really, or only because my main association with Paulsen is Hatchet which is more of a survival story. This one involves a lot of our hero sitting on the island, contemplating nature.

And I continue to chug along in Tolkien’s Sir Gawain and the Green Knight!

What I Plan to Read Next

Norah of Billabong is winging its way through the mail to me as we speak! So definitely that.
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What I’ve Finished Reading

William B. Irvine’s A Slap in the Face: Why Insults Hurt - And Why They Shouldn’t, which is about the history and social function of insults. It includes a chapter about friendly teasing & ambiguous insults, which I found especially interesting, and also a fair amount of space on how to respond to insults - one of the suggestions was to say “Thanks,” which I think is beautiful in its simplicity and ability to throw the insulter off their game. (Probably not for backhanded compliments, but otherwise.)

He also talks about the self-esteem movement a bit, the main point being that the movement saw the correlation between high self-esteem and achievement and got the causation backwards - probably, excuse my grumpiness, because cooing “You’re so special!” at everyone is so much easier than taking the time and effort to foster genuine achievement.

Irvine also makes the point - which ought to be obvious, but lots of commentators seem to miss it - that if the Millennial generation seems narcissistic, it’s because that’s the inevitable outcome of inflicting “You’re Thumbody special!” programs on a generation. You can’t din that in a generation’s ears for years and then act shocked, shocked! when they take narcissism tests and answer “Yes” to the question “Are you special?”

Unread Book Club progress: I finished Virginia Sorenson’s Miracles on Maple Hill, which has lots of delightful detail about tapping maples, wildflowers, the countryside, etc. It doesn’t go very in-depth about Marly’s father’s PTSD, but after all it’s a book about Marly, not her father, and I did think the author did a nice job showing how her father’s less-than-joyous return from a prisoner of war camp has affected Marly while balancing that with the more light-hearted “And then we met the resident mountain hermit!” bits.

What I’m Reading Now

Tolkien’s translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I must confess I had some concerns about it: I skipped a lot of Tolkien’s poetry when I read Lord of the Rings, and long-form poems in general are not my thing. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’m liking it so far. (It helps of course that I already read & liked the story in prose.)

I’ve also started reading Margaret Stohl’s Black Widow: Forever Red, which suffers a bit from not being my Natasha headcanon, ha - but we’ll see if Stohl wins me over to hers as I keep reading. I’ve only just started, so she’s got plenty of time.

What I Plan to Read Next

Warren Lewis’s The Splendid Century: Life in the France of Lewis XIV is waiting for me at the library. Warren Lewis is C. S. Lewis’s brother and mainly remembered for that these days, although (according to The Company They Keep) his books about French history are well-researched and well-wrought reads in their own right. I have long meant to learn more about France and this seemed like a good spur to give that a go.

Lego Batman

Mar. 7th, 2017 06:06 am
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Over the weekend Becky and I watched Lego Batman, which is awesome, you guys, AWESOME, super funny. It kicks off with Batman voiceover (in Christian Bale voice, of course) right over the opening - “DC. The house that Batman built,” he intones. “Yeah, what Superman? Come at me bro. I’m your kryptonite.”

Superman, as Batman informs the Joker, is his worst enemy. The Joker is horrified and terribly jealous. “Superman’s not a bad guy!” he cries. Batman can only shrug. “You mean nothing to me,” he tells the Joker, and the Joker’s plastic Lego eyes brim with tears, and it’s at once hilarious and rather sad.

In fact quite a bit of this movie is hilarious and yet rather sad, which is I guess my favorite kind of comedy.

Case in point: Batman’s Epic Brooding. There’s a great sequence near the start where he’s going through the vast and echoing Batcave, up the Batelevator to warm up his lobster thermidor in the microwave and watch a romantic comedy all by himself in his itty bitty personal movie theater, which has proper movie theater seats and everything, and he comes to his favorite line in the movie and looks around as if he wants someone to laugh with… and no one is there.

I think what makes this movie so good is that the filmmakers poke fun at Batman’s excesses, but at the same time you feel that they really do like and feel for the character. They’re making fun of the Grand Emo Trappings of his loneliness, not the loneliness itself.

And they’ve clearly watched every adaptation ever, some with love and some with loving derision. When Batman is getting particularly emo as he stares at a picture of his dead parents (standing, naturally, in front of Crime Alley), Alfred sighs and says, “Sir, I have seen you go through similar phases in 2016 and 2012 and 2008 and 2005 and 1997 and 1995 and 1992 and 1989 and that weird one in 1966,” with a montage of the aforesaid movies, ending with Adam West doing a bizarre Batman dance.

(I kind of adore the 1960s Batman. It’s just so ludicrous and endearing.)

Another highlight - this movie is full of highlights; I really recommend it - Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Robin, the orphan Batman adopts by accident because he’s not paying attention with Dick talks to him at a gala: Dick is all “Do you want to adopt me?” and Bruce Wayne, staring at Barbara Gordon, is all “Yeah yeah sure.”

Naturally Dick moves into Bruce Wayne’s house the very next day, because it’s not like there’s any paperwork or anything when you adopt an orphan. Batman wants to get rid of him, but then he is faced with a mission which would require a small gymnast (which Dick just happens to be!) who is also “110% expendable” - “I don’t know what that means, but sure!” Dick cries, so eager is he for Batman’s approval.

The film’s one flaw is that it is so, so, so heavy-handed with its message. Alfred, Barbara Gordon, and Dick Grayson all repeatedly tell Batman that he needs FAMILY and HUMAN CONNECTION. It’s like the writers confused “Show, don’t tell,” with “Show and tell,” because they show us Batman’s loneliness and then they tell us tell us tell us tell us that he needs to combat it with friendship and love. And then tell us again. Okay, we get it already. Let's get back to the Joker making meta comments on the nature of the Batverse again.
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I saw Captain America: Civil War! I enjoyed it very much, although I think it's less morally sophisticated than perhaps the Russos were hoping for and mostly I am on Team Talk to Each Other, Dumbasses.

Actually I saw it a few days ago, but I have been letting it percolate through my brain before writing about it. I think that everyone in the entire universe saw this movie before I did, but just in case I'm putting spoilers under the cut )


Jan. 7th, 2016 10:40 am
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I watched the first few episodes of Supergirl in the fall, missed an episode while I was on a trip, and then never caught up because the show seemed sweet but not stunningly good.

But then I watched the rest of the first half of the season so I could start watching again in January (and then got the episode time wrong and missed it! Like an idiot!), and it's won me over.

In the first few episodes, Kara is a sweet and slightly bumbling girl who is finding her feet as a superhero. And she remains sweet and slightly bumbling and adorably awkward (I love the moment when Cat Grant is all "What planet are you from?" - rhetorically, of course - and Kara is all, "Um...this one?" OH KARA), but in the later episodes, she also gets angry.

When she was thirteen, her planet was destroyed, her whole family was killed, except for her Aunt Astra who's probably evil - except maybe her aunt was trying to save Krypton, and Kara's mother was partially responsible for its destruction - and Kara's been on earth trying to hide her powers for the past ten years and she's angry.

(Now, I strongly suspect that in the end it will turn out that Kara's mother was right and Aunt Astra is tragically misguided, but at the moment it could go either way, and kudos to the writers for making this seem genuinely uncertain.)

Female characters who are really fucking angry are my jam. Veronica Mars, Peggy Carter, Jaye Tyler from Wonderfalls... I think even Mary from Downton Abbey fits this description, which is rather odd; you would expect Sybil to be the angry sister, as she's the activist in the family.

But I think actually that makes Sybil calmer: she knows she doesn't want this to be her life and she has a plan to get out. Whereas Mary is aware that she's not content with things as they are, but her only real plan of escape is maybe marriage, and she seems uneasily aware that it's not a very good plan. She's trapped.

It makes her bitter and petty and mean, and I can see why people dislike that about her - especially because, from what I've heard, she never really grows out of it? But in the first two seasons, I did believe that eventually she would come to terms with what she wants from the world, and become less petty if not, perhaps, less furious.
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I was going to include Agents of SHIELD in with the other superhero shows, but then I realized that it would utterly overwhelm that post and I’d really rather talk about Agent Carter, anyway (so excited about season 2!), so I’ve separated out my Agents of SHIELD rant here. I’ve tried to keep specific spoilers to a minimum, but it’s still kind of spoilery in general.

I have ranted about this show at length on Tumblr. This post touches on many of its problems, but as long as it is, it still doesn’t cover everything because Agents of SHIELD is a bottomless pit.

SHIELD was always shady, but AoS takes it beyond shady to actually evil. I hate this show for indirectly wrecking Nick Fury for me: he was the one in charge of this shitshow, so either he was an incompetent who didn’t notice all the shit his agents got up to or he thought all of this was perfectly fine. He thought it was all right to resurrect Coulson with a procedure that Coulson believed was so awful that he threatened to resign SHIELD if SHIELD didn’t stop using it, after all.

But this is typical of Agents of SHIELD: the writers don’t get consent at all. This is less visible than it could be because their snafus tend to take place in situations of medical experimentation and/or recruitment by kidnapping, rather than sex, and sex is the situation where most people (at least most people in fandom) generally contemplate the ins and outs of consent most often.

The one episode where the show did fuck up sexual consent is the Lorelei episode, and it’s been justly criticized for its failtasticness. Lorelei the Asgardian mind-controls Ward into having sex with her (and also leading a small army, etc. etc.) and all the characters act like the person most hurt by this is May, because she’s having sex with Ward and I guess the rest of the crew thinks that he betrayed her by having sex with someone else, even though he was, in fact, raped, and didn’t betray her on purpose.

That’s one episode. But this same failure underpins the entire show, and I can’t believe it took me two whole seasons to realize how deep that failure runs, given that season one kicks off with Skye being kidnapped by SHIELD agents, who then hold her captive and indoctrinate her. You could go through the first ten episodes or so and put post-its on all the classic cult indoctrination tactics that they use.

There’s love-bombing, there’s the sharp withdrawal of approval whenever her behavior displeases them, Coulson and May’s penchant for dangling information that she wants in front of her if only she can earn it, the refusal to let her interact with any outsiders (they put a bracelet around her wrist to make sure she can’t use the internet), all culminating in the moment where Skye utterly forsakes her old ideals, having concluded that freedom of information is a childish dream and the world needs SHIELD to protect it from the truth.

By the end of the second season, she’s A-Okay with mind-wiping. In fact, she badgers Coulson into mind-wiping someone, and it’s utterly, utterly typical that they don’t show whether the victim consented to the procedure. It doesn’t seem to occur to the writers that consent would have any bearing on whether or not that procedure was ethical.

New!SHIELD is the worst. It should be killed with fire and nothing would make me happier than having Coulson show up as the villain in a Marvel movie, just so the Avengers can recoil from the nightmare that he has become.


Now, you may be asking, “Why the hell did you continue watching this trainwreck for so long?” Two reasons. Well, three reasons. One is that trainwrecks are fascinating in a horrible sort of way.

Another is that I thought the writers were setting new SHIELD up in order to tear it down, the way that the Hydra reveal tore down old SHIELD in season one. More fool me for not realizing that the writers thought the infestation of Hydra agents was the only thing wrong with old SHIELD, not the SHIELD culture of compartmentalization and secretiveness and locking people up without trial that made it easy for them to thrive.

The big reason, though, is Skye and Simmons and Bobbi Morse and May. The show has a large and varied and very shippable cast of female characters (I am particularly partial to Bobbi/Simmons), to whom I became very attached way back before I realized that Agents of SHIELD was careening toward a moral abyss, and I’ve kept watching for them.
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And now part 2: superhero shows! I have clearly attempted a lot of superhero shows this year.

Agents of SHIELD should technically also be on this list, but the part about it grew so long that I moved it to its own separate post.

Daredevil. I watched four episodes of this and bombed out of it. In between the time that Matt tortured a Russian guy and tossed him off the roof, and the time that Fisk smashed the other Russian guy’s head in a car door, and the fact that half the cinematography is so dark that I have no idea what’s going on - no. Just not feeling it. Even though there is a scene later in the season where Matt and Foggy cry at each other, apparently.

Jessica Jones. I started watching the first episode of this, but it looks harrowing, everyone tells me it’s harrowing, and I just don’t really feel like being harrowed right now. In between Daredevil and Graceland and Agents of SHIELD, I’ve had my televised harrowing for the year.

Supergirl. I watched the first few episodes of this and then missed an episode because I was on vacation and somehow never felt the need to catch up. Maybe I’ll watch it when it comes out on DVD? I enjoyed it; it just didn’t sweep me off my feet.

(I realize this is shallow, but I think I would be more interested in Supergirl if the show didn’t lean so hard on the “They’re sisters. Sisters!” angle to Kara and Alex’s relationship. They’re not biologically related! They didn’t even meet till they were teenagers! You didn’t have to go and make this potential ship all incestuous, show.)

Agent Carter. HOLY SHIT I LOVE THIS SHOW. I mean, I have my quibbles with it (the SSR makes a habit of beating suspects with large sticks, really?), but they are as nothing in the face of my adoration of Peggy Carter, cranky BAMF with gorgeous hats who defeats her enemies through the brutal use of staplers

I love Peggy, I love Jarvis, I would love to punch Howard Stark in the face (but, like, it would be a punch of exasperated fondness), I love Dottie Underwood and I will probably cry if she does not return in season 2, ALL I WANT IS FOR HER AND PEGGY TO BE NEMESES AND HAVE EPIC FOEYAY OKAY, like seriously, I want the two of them to have to team up to fight a Greater Evil and maybe argue about the merits of communism vs. capitalism, possibly while handcuffed together for Important Plot Reasons -

Okay, that might be devolving into fanfic territory a bit, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND the show did give us Dottie kissing Peggy in order to knock her out with knockout lipstick in season one, so it’s not impossible that the writers have a direct line to my id.
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[livejournal.com profile] poeticknowledge asked: What are the top 10 best films you have seen this year (or in the past year, either one)?

Oh, wow. I actually think that if I listed my top ten films this year, I might end up listing every film I’ve seen, because I haven’t seen that many. I tend to watch more TV than movies, probably because I’m already invested in the characters.

...Okay, I actually went and did a count, and in fact I saw seventeen movies this year, seven of which I already posted about, so this is clearly a providential opportunity to post about the other ten.

This got long. Short reviews of Wreck-It Ralph, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Electric Horseman, Inside Daisy Clover, Rebel without a Cause, Snowpiercer, Blackfish, The Hot Rock, Antman, The Incredible Hulk, and Mosquita y Mari follow )

In short, here are my movie recs from the things I watched this year.

For something funny and light, I’d recommend Night at the Museum 3.

For something that will make you sob like a baby even as you delight in its clever world-building, Inside Out. Blackfish is also quite sad, although in a very different way.

For tense and cynical with a tough, complicated heroine, Inside Daisy Clover or Fried Green Tomatoes. (Fried Green Tomatoes also has some delightfully light-hearted and funny moments. Inside Daisy Clover is pretty much 100% intensity, all the time.)

For tense but uplifting (with great scenery), The Martian.

I don’t think I’d anti-rec anything I saw this year, but the others are all flawed in some way that means I wouldn’t rec them unreservedly.
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I wrote a couple very short stories for [livejournal.com profile] trickortreatex! Both MCU, because that's just how I roll right now, I guess.

First, A Worthy Foe, about Natasha and Pepper: Pepper confronts Natalie Rushman about her true identity, and the two of them come to a tentative alliance.

Second, Nightmare, which is about post-TWS Bucky watching Steve through his bedroom window like a creeper. Steve has a nightmare. Bucky is concerned.
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9 – Pairings – For each of the fandoms from day two, what are your three favorite pairings to write?

Oh dear. For most of these fandoms I’ve only written one or two pairings. I guess I’ll just list the favorites that I have for each fandom, and if that ends up being one or three or five, I guess we’ll just go with that.

The list, with occasional commentary )
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7 – Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character?

Ha, yes! I think most recently [livejournal.com profile] sineala's Tony fics have moved me from finding Tony Stark irritating to finding him...well, still a little irritating sometimes, but also sad and uncertain and concerned that he might be inadequate and generally in need of a hug.

Her fics are comicsverse, which has a fairly different Tony Stark characterization than movieverse - IIRC [livejournal.com profile] sineala summed it up as "Comics Tony hates being himself. Movie Tony loves being himself" - but they still made it easier to see the vulnerability behind Tony's general facade of dickishness.

And I'm going to link the fic where Tony really won a piece of my heart: snow.txt, where Steve stumbles upon the old self-insert hurt-comfort epics Tony wrote as a teenager, wherein Tony writes himself as the indispensable stoic woobie of Captain America's team.


Jun. 2nd, 2015 01:31 pm
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I've been trying to watch Daredevil - I've made it to episode 3 - but I'm having trouble getting into it. There are, IMO, two kinds of dark and gritty, and Daredevil is the kind I don't like, where the show takes place in eternal night and endless rainfall, with streetlamps that cast dramatic shadows everywhere -

Okay, actually, it's not the aesthetic itself that bothers me. It's very stylish, and classic film noir uses it to great effect - I watched Double Indemnity a few months ago and it blew me away. But in modern work I find that it tends to accompany a moral universe where, say, the hero can torture a guy on a roof and then toss him into a dumpster six stories down and somehow remain the hero. Bad guys deserve to be crippled for life without even the protection of due process, so it's okay! Or something like that.

Just once, I would like to see a show where the heroes torture the hell out of someone and then it turns out that they got the wrong guy. Their informant sent them after Joe Schmoe because a property line dispute left him with a petty grudge and he wants Mr. Schmoe out of the way. That would be gritty and realistic.
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I've finally seen Age of Ultron! Now I can read everyone else's Age of Ultron posts!

That is pretty much the thing that I am most excited about with this movie.

Spoilers for Age of Ultron under the cut )
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The next three fics in my series! Chronicling Steve's slow descent toward a nervous breakdown. Oh, Steve. He has such a hard life.

Fic: Apologies
Fandom: Captain America
Rating: PG-13
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] littlerhymes
Part 13 of Reciprocity
Summary: Steve's attempt to get Coulson to apologize somehow turns into a session of Everything That's Wrong with Steve. Steve is not sure how this happened.

Fic: Pep Talk
Fandom: Captain America
Rating: PG-13
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] littlerhymes
Part 14 of Reciprocity
Summary: The sentence popped out of Steve like a champagne cork. “I think we should leave SHIELD.”

Bucky disagrees.

Fic: Taylor Swift
Fandom: Captain America
Rating: PG-13
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] littlerhymes
Part 15 of Reciprocity
Summary: "What the fuck is so great about Taylor Swift?" Steve demanded.

"I’ve always had this thing for angry blondes," Bucky said.

This is actually a completely misleading summary for a mostly depressing story.


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