May. 12th, 2017

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One last set of meme answers! For [personal profile] asakiyume: Harry Potter

the character I least understand

Tonks. Oh, poor Tonks. The problem with Tonks is that the narrative railroads her into a relationship with Lupin rather than letting her grow and develop on her own, so it’s hard to understand her as a character because you can sort of feel her being meddled with from without.

I feel similarly about Lupin in the later books, too, which is also sad because I liked him so much in Prisoner of Azkaban. He’s one of the few adults who is ever truly nice to Harry, without any ulterior motive, just because Harry needs it.

interactions I enjoyed the most

It would be so hard to choose just one - or even just a few! As I said above, I really liked Harry & Lupin’s interactions in Prisoner of Azkaban, just because it’s nice seeing a grown-up be nice to Harry for once. Also Sirius and Lupin in that book - in fact, the entire Shrieking Shack sequence, everyone interacting with everyone else in that, is probably one of my favorite scenes in anything ever. I must have read it a hundred times.

Quite possibly literally a hundred. When I was eleven I kept my Harry Potter books by my bed (there were three at the time) and reread a bit every night, not in order, just whatever I felt like, and often ended up settling on the Shrieking Shack. Old friends reunited! Betrayals exposed! Snape making bad life choices! Hermione being extremely clever. Loveliness all around.

the character who scares me the most

Dolores Umbridge probably. I will not tell lies will probably stick with me for the rest of my life.

the character who is mostly like me

I’d love to say Luna but I don’t think I ever oddballed as effectively as Luna does. Radishes for earrings! Who can top that?

hottest looks character

I always had the feeling that Sirius was desperately attractive, but this is 100% about how much I loved the character and not even slightly related to descriptions of his actual filthy and skeletal appearance post-Azkaban. Of course in later books we get descriptions of Sirius Black, Hogwarts Hottie, but my belief in his attractiveness definitely predated that.

Nonetheless, I will never get over my disappointment at his casting in the movies. He’s supposed to be younger and hotter! ALL the Marauders ought to be younger and hotter! James and Lily were twenty at most when they died, so Sirius and Snape and Lupin should all be in their early thirties and I will never understand why they are all played by old men.

one thing I dislike about my fave character

How can I pick just one favorite character? IMPOSSIBLE. I did love Sirius a lot (I will NEVER GET OVER THE ENDING JKR GAVE HIM, NEVER, still bitter), but then there’s Hermione and Luna, and I do also feel a great fondness for Harry himself.

one thing I like about my hated character

Do I have a hated character? It occurs to me that I am parsing “hated character” incorrectly for this meme: when I say I hate a character, it means that I dislike them so much that I would happily kick them out of the story entirely, which doesn’t leave much room for having a sneaking admiration for any of their alleged better qualities. And I don’t think I hate anyone in HP like that. Dolores Umbridge and Peter Pettigrew are both terrible human beings but they are terrible in ways I am interested in reading about.

I always felt a weird admiration for the way Peter Pettigrew cut off his own hand to bring Voldemort back to life. That takes a guts and dedication, even though alas both qualities are all being squandered on an evil cause.

a quote or scene that haunts me

Oh, gosh, I’m not sure I can pick just one. The whole Shrieking Shack scene in Prisoner of Azkaban, as I mentioned. Or the ending of Half-Blood Prince - Harry and Dumbledore’s quest to the creepiest pool in the world, Snape killing Dumbledore, the confrontation between Snape and Harry - ”I was the Half-Blood Prince!”

a death that left me indifferent

I can’t remember which Weasley twin died in book seven, but that one.

a character I wish died but didn’t

The body count is already so high! I don’t want anyone else to die.

my ship that never sailed

I never really got into Harry Potter shipping (which is probably why I didn’t read that much fic for it, despite reading the first three books almost to pieces), so… none really, I guess? I had a vague fondness for Sirius/Remus - but I never had the faintest expectation that that one would sail - and Luna/Neville, which seemed somewhat more likely, but it didn’t tear me up inside when they didn’t get together.


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