Feb. 14th, 2017

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To the illustrious President Snow:

We here at the Society for Improved Dictatorship have read part two of Catching Fire received news of your latest innovation in the Hunger Games, and we grew so alarmed that we had no choice but to send this urgent communique.

Spoilers for Catching Fire )

Please forgive us for speaking bluntly. We would hate to see your promising dictatorship come to the ignoble end, especially when it is so easily avoided because it is entirely of your own making. Katniss Everdeen may be annoying, but we assure you, President Snow, she is a spark that will soon flicker out if you don’t fan the flames.

Can you encourage her to follow her mentor Haymitch’s sterling example into an alcohol addiction? A drunken tumble off the stage will make her infinitely less inspiring. And given her family history of depression, doubtless the alcohol (aided perhaps by some other depressant drugs) will send her into a crushing nervous breakdown. Peeta’s adoring support for his fragile wreck of a partner would make a touching continuation to their love story, don’t you think?

Also, please do not behead our messenger. Good messengers are hard to find. We’re sure you understand.

Your concerned friends,
The Society for Improved Dictatorship


(Because a couple of people asked last entry: Yes! I am still doing fics for $10+ ACLU donations, so if you'd like to sponsor a dispatch from The Society for Improved Dictatorship, just email me a screenshot of your donation receipt. I'll PM you my email if you need it. We've reached $430! Go us! Let's trek on to the wilds of $500!)


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